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Terry, WA0ITP

Lots of fun today in the great outdoors. The weather was perfect here in SE IA, but 20M was far from perfect. Signals were few and far between this aft. I managed to work N5GW, N4GG, AB9CA, and NO4GA. Still a nice outing in my favorite /P qth. Thanks for a nice event es 72 from #77


Jack, AI4SV

The first maker faire in our area took place in Silver Spring, MD, which is about 20 miles North of where I live in Virginia, or in Washington DC beltway traffic, about an hour and half away. The event went until 4 pm, but I left early. I didn't have time to do much in terms of antennas, so I went for height, and drove to near the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland. I got there with not much time to spare, and with nice fall weather, the place was pretty crowded -- too many people around to launch ropes into trees.

I popped a tarheel antenna on my car's trunk and cranked my TS-2000 down to 5W (it doesn't go any lower). This may not be as portable as my usually QRP station-in-a-bag, but it wasn't my home station, either, so I'm guessing you'll put me in the Salted category. Maybe next year I'll have more time and can get a decent antenna into the air and take power under a watt. Some stations were booming in -- N4BP and AB9CA in particular. I was surprised that K4BAI wasn't louder, but perhaps he was running lower than usual power. It's unusual for him not to hear me even under poor conditions, but we were all getting creamed by RTTY on 40m, so I'm sure my signal was swallowed in the QRM. It was nice to hear so many familiar calls. GA was well represented in my contact list, so FB GA QRP.


Lee, AA4GA

That was fun...spent most of my time on 40, so I worked a lot of GA stations!

My original plan was to go find a hilltop someplace and go portable and seriously try to go for the Goober win...but ended up having a conflicting band practice at the last minute and had to settle for operating in the Boiled class...

KX3 at 1 watt to 80m doublet, about 1.5 hours operating time.

Thanks to W4QO and all the NoGANuts involved with getting this organized...lots of local non-QRPers, no doubt due to their publicity/urging!


Dick, K2UFT

Managed to work N4GG, N4EWT, K4PQC, AD4J, N4BP, W3HZZ, AND WK4U, all on 20 meters at start of test. Never did get to 40 meters, family events intervened. 5 Watts with my ATS3B, EFHW 10 feet off the ground, sloping to 6 feet, all from my daughter's QTH on Galveston Island, TX. Also made 35 Q's in the TX QSO party, couldn't drum up much business on 40 or 20. QRN levels pretty high - QTH is adjacent to Univ. of Texas Medical Branch Hospital complex.


Norm, WA4ZXV

# 48 here. Just worked a few minutes on 40. Heard many others working these stations.

Thanks for the Sprint!


Larry, W2LJ

Thanks so much to Jim W4QO and the NoGA group for organizing and sponsoring the Peanut Power Sprint. I had a blast, shelling 35 Peanuts from my bag and finding 3 "non-Nuts" in there for a total of 38 QSOs. Band conditions on 20 Meters were great up here in NJ. Unfortunately, I lost 25 minutes of Sprint time in the middle of the event to an unexpected family chore coming up.

In any event, the Peanut Power Sprint is THE perfect wind down to the Summer QRP outdoor operating saeson. Please sponsor this again next year!


Jim, W4QO

Heard a huge number of stations being worked ( but I didn't work all of them) and we'll see when the logs all come in. Heard NADA on 15CW. Some DX stations were worked by a few entrants. Also, KU7Y (Ron) from NV was worked by many (not me!)

Had no idea there was a RTTY contest that would conflict on 40M when we set it up although I did check as much as I could. NoGaNuT W2LJ was the loudest I've ever heard him and this was on 20CW. He was the loudest sig (599) on 20CW for a long time. Great to hear Don, N4HH, and his indoor signal AND it was QRP! Good to hear from so many first time "contesters" that said they had fun.


Will, AI4VE

Comments: Very enjoyable sprint except for the digital QRM on 40m. Beautiful day with clear skies and temps in the low 80s. Demetre Park provides an excellent view across the harbor to downtown Charleston and the bridge to Mt. Pleasant. I was hoping the salt water would help with the low power propagation and did seem to help with the vertical on 15m. It was fun operating as a NoGa expat from SC.

Contest operation was interrupted by frequent inquiries from park visitors wanting to know what I was doing. Ham radio is not well known here. Looking forward to next year's event. Thanks to Jim, W4QO, and other Noganuts who worked to create this fun new contest event.

I'm a big fan of the two hour sprints since that's about all the time I can dedicate to a contest these days.

Dennis, W5WIL

I used an Icom 703 at 1w to a homebrew vertical (6' whip, loading coil, 3 radials, on a tripod). My key was a 'Jardillier' straight key strapped to my knee. Battery power with a 4.2aH 10.8V NiCd pack. I was portable on Bromide Hill (ele 1070 ft), in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area which is just outside of Sulphur, OK (about 45 min from home).

Just great weather here for the Sprint. I couldn't get my vertical to tune on 15m and 40m was very noisy so I stayed on 20m which was quiet with LOTS of peanuts around. Thanks to Larry, W2LJ for the patience to dig me out of the pile and give me 1276 miles on 1 watt!

I didn't hear anyone west of Oklahoma. Will be interested to see all the results and look forward to more Peanut adventures!


Greg, N4KGL

Goober category

I ran 1 watt using a KX3 from front yard of home QTH. My antenna was a 40 meter inverted vee and 20 meter dipole with common coax. 


Scott, KD4MSR, ol' Professor L. O. Power

All contacts were CW portable at 5 Watts, so I'm "Salted" category.

My Q rate per hour was what some guys do per minute! I guess I was decent since I haven't operated any radio in about two years and have copied no CW in that long or longer. Once it's in your head, I guess it doesn't leave. I only recent acquired the FT-857 and had never operated it at all.

Yaesu 857D sitting on picnic table at 5W (on a Costco 12V deep cycle batt) into W3EDP ant. set up as a vertical in a pine tree with counterpoise on the ground.

Tnx to Jim, W4QO and the NoGaNuts for planning the contest. Pickett, AD4S and I had a great time camping with our wives.

Click HERE for Scott's pictures..!


Jim, AD4J

It was a fun contest. I was pleased to work K2UFT/5 in TX. Attached is a shot of my setup for the Sprint:

I used a clip lead inverted vee on a crappie pole and a Buddipole mast in the Salted category.


Pickett, AD4S

In my 50 plus years as a ham I have never had so much fun. The "Peanut" format that Jim, W4QO, came up with just added to the fun. I had a remarkable run for about 5 minutes around 2030Z that made logging with a pencil difficult. Scott, KD4MSR, and I operated together and had no interference from each other. We operated 20 and 40 meters each for an hour and then swapped bands. Sure would have been even better without the RTTY test.

I operated with my "SHACKINABAG" TT-4040 with a KI6JS SOTA Tuner and a 66' long wire at Scott's farm down south of Washington, Georgia. Scott and his wife and my wife and I camped out there on Saturday night.

Click HERE for Pickett's pictures:


Kelley, K4UPG

Category: _Salted_______
Equipment used: _Wilderness Sierra____Power: __2.5 w_________ Antenna: __dipole @ 30 ft inv v_________________

Portable lakeside at Lake Fredrica, Orlando, FL

Band condx OK on 20m extremely noisy with QRN on 40m making it totally unusable from my location. Was disappointed to not contact any GA stations. Don't think I even heard one. Lots of QRM from RTTY and Eu stations at times on 20m and kept hearing the same few stations on 20m. Didn't have a working 15m module with me so no opportunity to escape. Really enjoyed the short format and chance to hear some QRP contest regulars. Hope we do this again. Was great and my thanks to NoGaQRP for hosting this.


Jeff, N1KDO

Equipment is KX3 running on internal batteries, through a home-brew 1:4 balun, into a purpose-built 40M "doublet" antenna: 2x33' wire into 300 ohm tv twinlead feeder.


Phil, W3HZZ

I had unexpected and univited guests arrive at 3:45 but when I did get on at 4:30 it was just wonderful to see all those stations on the P3 screen. Didn't work many of them and had trouble with my elecronic log but it sure was fun. Thanks for putting it together. 20 was hot until about 5 and then it was like someone disconnected my antenna. Nada. Nothing. Not even on 40. 15 was dead from the gitgo.


Don, K3RLL


LOCATION: Direct from the site of the Annual Peanut Butter Festival in downtown New Bethlehem, PA, site of the Smucker's Peanut Butter Plant. The air here in this small town is filled with the aroma of roasting peanuts on Mondays through Fridays.

LOW SCORE: Sadly, Murphy struck and I got company so was only able to squeeze in two minutes of operating. Oh, the pain of it all. (Sniff, sniff)

But as dismal and lame as this log submission is, I'm happy to have at least been able to participate, even if only for two minutes.


Fred, WA8PGE

I operated from home at 1w, using my Softrock Ensemble on 20 and 40 cw only. Inverted Vee antenna

I would be in the Boiled Peanut category then.

Didn't get to operate the whole contest as we had company. Had fun though!


Eric, WD8RIF

Great event! I'm looking forward to next year!


Dave, AB9CA/4

Location: Loxley, AL
Station: K2 at 5w to 100' wire antenna, Home station
Category: Roasted

Fun event! I enjoyed the activity. Thanks to the NoGA QRP club for hosting it. Good turnout from the club. Look forward to next year!


Jim, W4JDS

I was working on the NFARL newsletter Sunday afternoon and almost completely forgot about the Sprint until almost too late!

I did get on for about a half-hour though and made a few contacts. Here's a log for what it's worth.


Don, N4HH

Thanks Jim - and the unknown others who helped to put this event together - it's now been proven that I'm a NUT!

5 watts to my amazing antenna array (a rectangular loop 12' x 8' inside my apartment) resulted in 8 "q's" - all with fellow NUTs on 40 meter CW - all of whom must have had outstanding signals (and plenty of patience sending repeats) for me to read them through my S 9+ 15 db noise level !! Nothing heard on 20 or 15. This was much, much harder than being on the "other end" of a dxpedition -- thanks to all for a fun couple of hours -- 73 -- Don N4HH -- NUT# 168


Sid, N4NQ

Thanks for putting on such a great event. I had the most fun with my radio in a long time and I think I learned a little about how to operate in a contest. I will sure be back in the future.

My Class: Boiled (home station 1 watt, CW only)


Bobby, AK4JA

Goober, 500mw, FT-817, 20&40 meter dipoles

This was a lot of fun and I hope that it continues for many years to come. I would also like to see it expanded to be done several times a year.

Thanks for the efforts involved in making the contest be a reality.


Bill, K4YJJ

What fun!!! I missed most of the time window due to a grandson's birthday party, but got to an operating location in time to catch the last 20 minutes of activity.

Hope we do it again next year.

I operated portable in the camper on battery power at 10w on 20m through an MFJ hamstick. I guess that makes me Salty.


Hal, N4GG

Well that was different!


Newt, N4EWT

Flex 5000 at 1 watt output into 40M Delta Loop operasting as at N4FBR's Home Station in Chamblee (BOILED).


Tim, WK4U

Didn't work too many stations, but had fun for it only being a 2 hour sprint. I don't have a lot of experience running QRP, but today taught me that CW is vastly superior to SSB when it comes to low power!

I was using a Flex 3000 transceiver into a 240 foot doublet antenna up about 55 feet. Power class for me was all boiled. My Flex power meter is a true RMS meter. When running phone (with power output set to 2 watts), it showed 1 watt. If I would whistle, it showed 2 watts. On CW (with power set to 1 watt), it always showed 1 watt. Seemed to work very well. I was operating from home.


Bill, KB4KFT

Just to let you know, I did set up in the backyard then Arnold came over and has basically hijacked my station and is working everyone left and right.

Next year I will go out somewhere for the event... looks like this year is a bust for me.

Thanks for putting this on, Jim. Neat event.



Had a really good time and the weather was great here in Wisconsin. I set up my SG-2020 on the deck and enjoyed the afternoon. Antenna was a 40m dipole supported by fishing poles.

20m was good the entire time here. 40m was clogged with RTTY and no activity noted on 80m. One QSO with KU7Y on 15. Noticed afterward when I switched back to 20m that I'd left my ZM-2 tuner on TUNE instead of OPERATE! Ron - thanks for digging my signal out.

My thanks to you and NoGA for this really fine late season event.  I hope to see it back next year.



Howdy from Aggieland Jim: Just a quick "Thank You" again for your efforts with the 1st Annual NoGaQRP Peanut Power Sprint. It was a blast and you can bet your bottom dollar you'll see a number request from K5BGB come next July. Maybe I'll have my KX1 ready to operate on the back porch by that time and help my score. Hope to run into you on the bands again one day real soon my good friend... 72/73, Licensed June 1955 as KN5BGB


Julia N1XV

A big congrat's to all!! Sounds like it was a load of fun.

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