I went to beautiful Lake Varner in Newton County, hiked about 30 feet to a picnic table next to the lake and setup a CW station. I had my Hendricks PFR-3A radio, and old straight key, and my favorite Bose noise canceling headphones. I connected to a 50' end fed zep made from 24 ga. speaker zip cord that was more or less vertical up about 30 feet in a tree next to the lake. I was BEE #37.

I only made 12 contacts, and 8 of those were BEE's. It wasn't very productive, but it was fun! Oh yes, 11 contacts on 20M and 1 on 40M. My closest contact was AB9CA in AL and he was not a BEE, but 5W. The farthest couple of calls were K7TQ in ID and K6EI in WA. There were also a couple from CO.

Here's a couple of pics attached.



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