NoGA - DXpedition "To The Stars"
"An Average QRP Operating Event"

On Saturday, all QRP operators were encourage to get on the air and make at least one contact.

Following several hours of operating (and attempted operating) everyone was asked to fill out a questionnaire.

No one was informed of how the NoGaWards were going to be determined until the awards were handed out.

This was an "Average" QRP Operating Event. Most of the awards went to the person who was closest to the average of all the categories that were measured.

The awards went to:

Most Opulent Rig Bobby, W4BLB certs.jpg (220491 bytes)
Least Opulent Rig Steve, KI4IXR
Average Long Distance Contact Jack, K5FSE
Average Number of Contacts Nigel, KJ4ARS

Average Weight of Rig

Jack, K5FSE

Average Distance Traveled to Event

Walt, KJ4HE

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