QRP Forum, Huntsville Hamfest, August 18, 2001

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10:00-10:50AMIntroduction to QRP (with Show and Tell Equipment)--Ken Evans, W4DU
  • What is QRP and How to Do It
  • Representative QRP Equipment
  • QRP Clubs and Activities
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)
11:00-11:50AMHomebrew and Kit Building--Mike Boatright, KO4WX
  • What’s Required to Successfully Build Kits
  • Kits to Consider
  • Hands-On Demo for Winding Torroids
  • Other Building Considerations
  • Homebrew Building Styles and Techniques
  • Examples of Home-Made Equipment (Ugly and Manhattan Style build technique)
  • Finding Parts
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)
12:00-12:50PMPSK-31, QRP Style (with Demo and Show & Tell)--Barry Johnson, W4WB
  • What is PSK-31 and Why QRP PSK-31 Works So Well
  • What is Required to Implement PSK-31
  • PSK-31 Operating Techniques
  • QRP PSK-31 Demo
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)
1:00-1:50PMHigh-Performance Receiver Design--Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ (of Elecraft)
  • Amateur Radio Receiver Deign Fundamentals
  • How Elecraft Established K1 Receiver Performance Requirements
  • Receiver Design Practicalities and Trade-Offs
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)
2:00-2:50PMPortable Antenna Systems--Craig Behrens, NM4T
  • Bucket Full of Wire Antennas
  • Ski Bag Full of Vertical Antennas
  • Telescoping Masts
  • Mobile and Quickie Antennas
  • Briefcase and Back Packer Antennas
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)
3:00-3:50PMOperating QRP in Major Contests--Gary Breed, K9AY
  • Contests to Consider
  • Setting Goals and Coming Up with a Game Plan
  • Operating Skills—The Key to Successful QRP Contestiing
  • Where to Build-Up QRP Contesting Experience
  • Operating QPR in the Major Contests
  • Present-to-Win Door Prize(s)