1999 NOGA QRP Field Day - Final Results

By Sam Billingsley, AE4GX and Mike Boatright, K04WX

Final results are 157 contacts (plus 1 dupe) on 80/40/20/15/6, 133 CW contacts on HF and 24 SSB contacts on 6M. Not too bad for 12-13 hours work, but not likely to win the 2A-battery class.

Ops were Sam, AE4GX, Rick, K4RAB, Bob, WA1EDJ, and Mike, KO4WX. Notice that Bob's holding the new NOGA "wuff-hong"--reminiscent of the old days of the ARRL. This updated version includes duct tape on the end of one appendage, sticky side out--good for retrieving twine pulled just a little too far into a tree.

Left to right, Sam, AE4GX, Bob, WA1EDJ, Rick, K4RAB and Mike, KO4WX

The number of fire ants around would probably qualify us for the 100 point bonus on the scoring for being in a public place (especially given the animorphic movies of the past year). They didn't eat much, but for some reason, they had a particular affinity for munching on Sam. Ouch!


Misery aside, it was another great NOGA outing. We also aquired a new mascot, the NOGAPig (who came complete with "NOGA pig paint" from Karen Confrey, Bob, WA1EDJ's XYL). Watch the web page in the next day or two for his grand debut!

A GREAT BIG THANKS go out to Bob and Karen for being wonderful hosts, and for all they did to help make the operation a success!

Bob, WA1EDJ and his XYL, Karen