North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

ARS Flight of the Bumble Bees - July 25-27, 2003

Mike, KO4WX's Pictures.

Scott makes cinnamon buns over the fire.

Pickett and Sam checking the bands on Friday night.

Note the 2 meter antenna on the operating tent.  The metal pole is the ground plane.

Pickett working the nightly NoGa 80 meter round table on Friday night.

Maison de la Sikes.  Note Sam's PLPV antenna in the foreground.

The NoGa "Hams only, no bears or skunks allowed" Banner.

The banner must have worked, no bears or skunks were seen (or smelled..)

Outside view of the master bedroom.

The Tree Top Inn II - all the amenities of home.


Breakfast in the rolling palace.

Pickett didn't see the humor in HAMS eating bacon (now THAT's commitment)

Sam just found out that he is not going to get another cinnamon bun..!!

Scott was in the artillery mode.  He burned one, made a raw one and then fired for effect.

Oh what a beautiful (Sunday) morning.

The BB team.

Private property about 1 miles from Rabun Bald; owner's call the home "The Columns" after this relic of bygone days.

Bet this guy complains about having to cut the grass every week.

Rabun Bald from the Eastern Continental Divide at Bald Mountain Road; approximately 2,000 foot elevation change from here.

At 4,696 feet, Rabun Bald is second highest point in Georgia, notice the lack of Civil War Statues on the sheer rock face.


Dillard, Georgia, from the summit of Rabun Bald.  If you look really closely, you may see people rocking on the porch of the Dillar House.

Rabun Bald from Dillard, Georgia.

Scott and Sandy, K4WUF

Scott doing Saturday morning breakfast.

"Make one move toward my bowl and you are dead meat..!"

Tree Ent contemplating the poor radio conditions of the day.

Thanks to Scott's research, we had a great time and learned a lot.

Sam working NoGaNaught, Bill, KG4FXG, also camping in the North Georgia woods.

Scott and his book of Robert Service poetry.

More Robert W. Service poetry.  Our next favorite was "The Shooting of Dan McGrew"

Sandy didn't think much of the "manly" poet but then again, he wasn't all there.

Saturday night was steaks and Sam volunteered to do the grilling.

Here is Pickett, happy as ever, doing the side dishes for Saturday night.   German potato salad, green beans and salad.

Sam, Mr. Nice Guy, washing the dishes.

What are you smiling about Scott, you would never believe the radio stuff we did when I was in the Air Force on Guam..!!

Scott getting ready for the sticky cinnamon buns.

No Sandy, no doggie treats in here.

Aw shucks.

The first thing that Mike heard when he reached the summitt was the screech of this eagle.

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