Pig Kitting Day July 2004 (Lunch on Pickett, AD4S)

Russell H. Richardson wrote:
Pickett is inviting us all to lunch at his house next Thursday. There
will also be a kitting party after lunch, but even if you can't stay for
the kitting you will be welcome to come for lunch...He will need
confirmation of your plans to come for "LUNCH" ,I am sure most of you
have been to his house before, but if not he'll give you directions
when you RSVP. Best, Russ
And so started another PIG kitting session for NoGaQRP!

About 15 folks including XYLs showed up starting about 10:00am.  We had the kits together and quality control checked before noon.  No pictures of the actual work, we were too busy working to get out the camera. 

Lunch was another issue.  Pickett brought out the trusty digital, and we were on our way to some NoGa shots.

The grill started just fine, and then a tour of the ham shack(s).  Russ really wanted to get on the BMW cycle and take a tour around the neighborhood, but the Harley was in the way.  So another time Russ. 

Kits finished, lunch and desert over, we started leaving about 1:30.

Thanks Pickett! 

Our Welcome End Product Our Hosts
Pickett, AD4S and XYL Betsy 
Waiting for Lunch
Bob, AA4CX;John, AB4GK; Chuck,WA6LTV; Russ, AE4NY and Joe, W4JHR.
Just couldn't resist showing his work.  Chuck, WA6LTV We weren't drinking, the photographer just coughed.
Too busy during lunch to get a shot, but afterwards...Ron, WE50; Russ, Chuck, Joe, Susan, XYL,W4JHR XYLs take a break.
Susie, XYL, WA4ZXV; Susan, XYL, W4JHR
In the blue room.
Susan, XYL, W4JHR; June, XYL, AB4GK; Fern, XYL, AE4NY
If one of these guys can't tell you how it's done, you probably don't need to be doing it anyway! That one's done! Too content to be waiting on lunch, must be afterward.  Paul, K4HCM and Bob, AA4CX