North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Run For the Kudzu - 2003

pictures courtesy of KG4FXG

Athens Boat Club "Founders Light" from the pavilion.

Co-host, Tom, K4TJD, trying to convince co-host, Pickett, AD4S, to get out of his car even though it was raining.

Paul, K4HCM's "BRIS1" transceiver.  A Hudson 20 and Vectronics receiver in a TenTec enclosure.  Sounds like Frankenstein to me.

Paul, K4HCM, "Put'en them in the log".  Paul didn't work cw for about 35 years and now it is almost all he does.

Paul, K4HCM, trying to convince Pickett, AD4S, that Sharon, KG4HKO, would make a good cw op.

Wey, K8EAB, setting up his vertical strapped to the front of "Anchors O'Wey".

Wey, K8EAB, setting up his station.  Notice the scrambled eggs on the bill of his cap.  I think this means he is the captain of his ship.  (at least for today)

Wey's K2 ready to go with weather protection.

Once Wey started transmitting, the local residents decided to head for better ground.

Sharon, KG4HKO, checking out the door prizes.

Pickett and Paul encouraging Sharon to make a CW contact.

Trying to decide whether to lite up 1 or 2 grills.  We got 1 so hot we didn't have to worry about the 2nd one.

Matt and Russ watching the awards MC do his thing.

What do you mean we have to sign a waiver of liability before we get our door prizes..?

Here is John, AB4GK, just having a wonderful time.

John's Small Wonder Labs DSW.. I think it was a 20.

Pickett, AD4S, operating under cover.

Russ, AE4NY, checking to see if his antenna is really connected.

This is John, AB4GK's new key that he got at the TenTec hamfest.  It is hand made and the keying mechanism is vertical.  The base if from a "handy helper" soldering aid.

Close up of Russ's ear.  Thanks Sharon..!!

Russ, AE4NY, having more fun than the law allows.

We've seen some interesting antennas but that is ridiculous.

Time for the co-hosts to decide on the awards.

Deep conference regarding the "Kudzu Special" which can be awarded for anything the hosts feel is appropriate.

Co-hosts making the announcements.  Pickett is making sure that Tom is sticking with their agreements.

After the co-host conference, Pickett proceeded back to the pavilion.

MC Tom making the awards.

Check for the best DX.  Pickett had a SH1 in Sweden but no QTH.  Phil worked at LY1 in Latvia and all agreed that was the best DX.

Paul, K4HCM, accepting his "Most Unusual Station" award with his usual humbleness.

Joe, W4JHR, getting his "First Contact" award.  Only 2 minutes into the event.

"Way to go Joe..!"

A soggy Jack, K5FSE, accepts his "Kudzu Special" award for the worst operating location.

Wey, trying to figure out what the best 2nd door prize is.  He got a great antenna book that was donated by Matt.

Sharon, KG4HKO, just after we suggested that she operate CW for 2 hours straight.

Sharon drawing calls for the door prizes.

Here Sharon and Tom are thinking about doing a "Zorba the Greek" dance.

Here they decided just to finish the door prize drawing.  Pickett is trying to figure out what is going on here.

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