North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

QRPTTF - 2003

Ghost Towns/Nobody Home

We operated on the surface of  Lake Lanier almost on top of an inundated dam and power house.  Lake Lanier is formed by the confluence of the Chestatee River on the North West and the Chattahoochee River on the North East.   We were up in the Chestatee Basic in a little cover on the south side of the northern peninsula of War Hill Park.

The 4 pictures are the entire Chestatee Basin and you can see the Athens Boat Club where many of the NoGa events are held and a close up of the War Hill Park area.

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sm_warhillpark.jpg (3298 bytes)

War Hill Park map

sm_lanier_chestatee.jpg (7636 bytes)

Upper Chestatee Basin of  Lake lanier

sm_WarHillParkanddam.jpg (4955 bytes)

War Hill Park arial view with grade lines.

sm_ABCWarHillPark.jpg (6169 bytes)

War Hill Park Road with Athens Boat Club shown.

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