North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

QRP To The Field (QRPTTF) - 2003

Ghost Town/Nobody Home

NQ4RP - Multi Op

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NoGa boating headquarters.

John, AB4GK, looking for Pickett's antenna wire.

"Come over here John and I will let you unwind this pull cord"

"See you can't use the EZ-Hang (tm) winder with the fragile cardboard core"

"I think I have the wire but I can't hold on to this little bitty tree"

"Here we go; just a little bit of NoGaEnGiNeeRinG"

"I'll bring you the end of the antenna Pickett...! WHOOPSIE..!"

"That's funny; I got this EZ-Hang (tm) to work last time without any instructions.

"NO, NO.. Don't let go of your end.  I swear Sam Billingsley told me that this antenna would work"

"I know you can't see the display or the S meter but I am conserving my internal battery"

"Oh my gosh; here comes that guy making the big wake again..!"

"You are right; get the sling shot ready"

"Just a little closer now; we want to show you what a yellow sinker looks like..!"

"Do you really think those peanuts will increase your "Q" count..??"

"Waddya mean tight, Mike Boatright said that curve acts like a parabolic reflector."

Tom: "I brought the green wire today to match the Spring foliage.  I use the brown wire in Winter.  Mike Branca told me that a color coordinated antenna gets out better.!"

Pickett: "I think John has the antenna now Tom so go ahead and slam it into reverse"

"Do we go right or left of that big island??"

"What island..?"

"Wow; that boat dock must have cost more than my cottage..!"

"No Tom; I'm not giving you any more directions..!"

"All of this shore line looks the same from the water"

"Didn't we come by here 20 minutes ago..?"

"See Tom; I told you what a bear does in the woods"

"I told you we should have gone to the left"

"Give us this day our daily bread; and help us get back to the boat club"

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