Chucks's band modules and cw key for his AT3b from Steve Weber, KD1JV..!

NoGa Monthly Meeting

July 11, 2009


The July, 2009 meeting was again in the Board Room the Shepherd Center Hospital in Atlanta.  We are most thankful for our member Scott Sikes, KD4MSR, who has made these facilities available.  Complete A/V facilities are in the room along with plenty of show and tell space and comfortable seating.  There is also a restsroom right next door.

We have been meeting here now for several months and have begun to have lunch together in the cafeteria downstairs which makes this location even better.   The food is good and reasonably priced and on Saturdays we have our pick of large tables and seating.

We have 18 good members in attending including several that we had not seen for a while.  As you can see their contributions to the meeting were really great.

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