North Georgia QRP Club Meeting, August 8, 1999

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AE4NY, HB NOGA80 and Vectronics 80 Rx mated in Tranceiver operation was the best collection of varied kit and homebrew gear that I have seen at one time in the two years I've been involved with NOGA ...Not only was there great stuff to see, it immediately gave ideas about how to MOD something you been working on to improve it
Bernie, W4BZA, from Opelika, Alabama set the travel distance and brought some special homebrew show-to-tell items W4ZBA, shows off his HB NOGANaut transmitter with improved filtering HB NOGANauth transmitter with improved filtering by W4ZBA
KO4WX, QRNSquasher HB etched PC board and HB RF FET sensor for auto TR switching (in progress) KO4WX, HB 40/20 transceiver with HB highly stable varactor tuned VFO for 40 meters KE4GX, Beautiful 38S in machined enclosure

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