North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

October 5, 2002 Meeting

The meeting was held at the activities building of the Weiuca Road Baptist Church.  We had a good turn out with 19 NoGaNaughts present.  Some interesting "objects de art" were there along with some new projects. 

Ken, W4DU, reminded everyone that NoGa had purchased a table at the up coming Alford Memorial Radio Club Hamfest next month and needed folks to volunteer to man the table.  We need 2 people at all times to handle questions about the club and qrp and also to handle sales of NoGa products.

Pickett, AD4S, mentioned that he will have the "QRP Test Equipment Books" that were spoken for at the "Run for the Kudzu" next Saturday and also at the AMRC hamfest.

Pickett, AD4S

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Ken, W4DU, Jimmy, AE4DT and Sam, AE4GX totally absorbed by a presentation.   (Ken just blinks his eyes fast)..!

Marvin, W4UXJ, Mike, KO4WX and Mike, W3IRZ.  Marvin's call is the original issue.  He sure doesn't look 90 years old.

Phil, K4PQC, Jim, KR4QN and Bob, AA4CX.

Bob looks like he smelled something bad..  certainly not one of the NoGa presentations....!

Russ, AE4NY, Joe, W4JHR and John, AB4GK.  In the back are Matt, WB6BWZ (hiding behind Joe) and Guy, AF4MN (who has graciously volunteered to keep the FM net going.

Tim, WD8DRM, Jack, K5FSE and Jerry, KD4WVA.  Now don't they look mesmerized..??

Our world famous author, Mike, KO4WX's Tuna Tin 2 TX and Tuna Twin Too RX.  On the cover of this quarter's QQ.

Mike, W3IRZ, always has something of interest.  Here is his Geiger Counter and some old WW 2 meters with radium dials.  The one from Germany was really noisy.

Mike, KO4WX, shows off his ?  It's a Vectronics/DeMaw Super CW filter, modified for SSB use (about 1.5KHz
bandwidth at about 2KHz).

We decided that since this was small and wireless that it was a QRP item.  The electric motor was really small.

Mike, W3IRZ, shows off a real radio classic.  This is a Model T Ford spark coil with modification to make it useful as a spark gap transmitter.  Mike found this in a flea market.  (I think I heard it on several bands recently... all at the same time)

Dr. Bob, AA4CX, brought us some (unused) syringe cases that make good small parts holders while building.  More hemostats would be good also Bob...!!!

Our in house WW2 veteran, Russ, AE4NY, shows off his GI Joe Vectronics 20 meter transceiver.  He mounted both boards in the lunch box and put in copper clad shielding.

How apropos...!

Joe, W4JHR, shows off his new 20 meter RockMite and MityBox case.  Joe's first contact was with John, W2AGN, who also was making his first RockMite contact.

(glad your fingernails were clean Joe..!)

Marvin, W4UXJ, receives the HRO gift certificate from our master door prize scrounger, Russ, AE4NY.
October Blotter
The Meeting Blotter..!
sm_PA080125.jpg (10594 bytes)
This picture was added to show how useful the AA4CX syringe cases are.  These are the resistors for a RockMite 40.  With 20 cells on the foam surface, you can lay out the components by number.

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