One of our fine NoGaNuts, Paul Kelley - W4KLY, is a master woodworker and has created rig stands for many of the popular QRP rigs.


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kx2originalbasic_small.jpg kx3orignalbasic2_small.jpg kx3originalbasic_small.jpg kx3px3pair2_small.jpg kx3px3pair_small.jpg kx3px33060combo2_small.jpg kx3px33060combo_small.jpg
kx3px33060and3060hscombos_small.jpg kx3px36060hscombo_small.jpg kx3breakdown2_small.jpg kx3breakdown_small.jpg kx33060hsand3060breakdowns_small.jpg kx3px33060hscombobreakdown_small.jpg nogastandfamily_small.jpg

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