From: George Sereikas <>
Date: December 19, 2016 at 10:59:46 AM EST
Subject: Thanks for The Great Stand


Before I forget,  I wanted to thank you for the great KX3/PX3 Stand that I received a couple of weeks ago.  I love having the PX3 ABOVE the KX3 and it takes up less space on my crowded desk.  The workmanship was great.  It is beautiful.  I had to modify mine slightly because I have an aftermarket heatsink on the KX3 (the one from Howard at PAE).  I got out my Exacto fine tooth saw and made a few strategic cuts and it fits fine.  Thanks agin for the great stand!

Merry Christmas!

George Sereikas
Orlando, FL

  Note from NoGa: We now have a KX3/PX3 HS COMBO stand for the heat sink..! (12/19/2016)