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From: Don McBride
Subject: RE: PFR3 Stand
To: w4kly@bellsouth.net
Date: Thursday, August 9, 2012, 2:49 PM

Good afternoon Paul,
The BEAUTIFUL PFR3 stand that you so carefully and skillfully constructed arrived today in perfect condition. 
It is fantastic!  I'm really pleased with what you have created, Paul.
The stand is sized perfectly to my radio, places the PFR3 at an absolutely perfect angle for operating, and looks great.
With that nice finish, the PFR3 can't help but have a far better signal!  DXCC, here I come!
I haven't made a decision yet on the little rubber feet you included.  The stand works very well, as you suggested, without them, but I can imagine that the rubber feet could make the unit more stable on a rough park picnic table, where this radio gets most of its use.
While I have the Hendricks plug-in paddle, I haven't used it in forever.  It just isn't much of a paddle - or at least that is the excuse I always gave for all my sending errors with it.
Instead, I use the American Morse DCP (Dirt Cheap Paddle) or, newly built this summer, the AZscQRPion mini-paddle, both of which are on homebrew bases..
However, if of any possible help to you and future customers, I installed the Hendricks paddle and took a couple photos of it with the stand.
It works JUST FINE with the stand, and puts the paddle handles at a very comfortable position in relation to the table or desk surface.
Thank you again for your efforts and skillful production, Paul.  I could not be more pleased with the radio stand.
Please scroll down for a few photos of your handiwork. I’ve rescaled all the photos to facilitate sending via email, but have the full-size versions available.
Thank you,
... 72/73,

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