North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa

Run For The Kudzu

October 11, 2003

Once again, this fun event was held at the Athens Boat Club on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta.  Pickett, AD4S and Tom, K4TJD were the hosts.  It was a cold, windy and sometimes rainy day but we had a good turn out and anothr really great event.

After the operating period, grills were provided and everyone had lunch.   Following lunch, the awards and door prizes were handed out.

Pickett, AD4S took the pictures on this page and click HERE to see pictures taken by Bill and Sharon Carter, KG4FXG and  KG4HKO.

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Sharon, KG4HKO, ready to get the event underway.

Door prizes and Certificates.  That's REAL Kudzu Jelly from Mrs. Annie Dukes.

Highly sought after awards.

Russ, AE4NY, and his usual "home away from home" hamshack and kitchen.

A real homebrew qrp rig.  Paul, K4HCM, put a Hudson 20 with a built in Guppy and a Venctronics receiver in a TenTec cabinet.

Paul, K4HCM and Sharon, KG4HKO.  Paul just told Sharon she would make a good cw operator.

Bill, KG4FXG, a real cw mavin.  Using his new K1.  He used a FT-817 last year.  He is building a K2.

Paul, K4HCM, listening to his Bris1 transceiver.

Due to technical difficulties beyond his control, Paul operated with Pickett's K2.

Sharon rings the bell to signal the beginning of the operating period.

Wey, K8EAB, came up the lake in his pontoon boat "Anchors O'Wey".   He said it was a long, cold ride early in the morning.

Jack, K5FSE.  He eventually won an awrd for the worst operating position.   This was a real "dripper" when it started raining.

Phil, K4PQC, looking at John, AB4GK's new hand made verticle paddle.  Russ, AE4NY, is searching for a really rare signal.

Co-host Pickett, AD4S, couldn't stand it so when things were going smoothly, he set up his K1 in the vending machine shed to get out of the rain and made a few Q's.

John, AB4GK, in his normal field posture.  He always is in short sleeves no matter how cold it is.  I believe his rig was a DSW20 and he would have won the lightest rig except he had the great, big battery.

Co-host, Tom, K4TJD, was good enough to MC the awards cerimony even though he sounded like he had the flue +20 db.

Joe, W4JHR, won the "First Contact" award.  11:02 am.. just 2 minutes into the program.

Matt, WB6BWZ, won the "Most Contacts" award.  He came late and still made 5 contacts.

Phil, K4PQC, won the "Best DX" award using Bill, KG4FXG's K2.   "Latvia".

Jack, K5FSE, won the "Kudzu Special" award for the worst operating location.

Paul, K4HCM, won the "Most Unusual Station" award for his BRIS1 transceiver.

Tom and John trying to figure out how to pack the new NoGa Banner stand.  John is co-chair for the NoGa table at the November AMRC hamfest.

Phil, K4PQC, co-host for the NoGa hamfest table along with Sharon continue to work on the packing solution.
sm_PA220210.jpg (1689 bytes)
Photog Pickett, AD4S, won the "Lowest Weight" rig award with his K1 and internal battery pack.

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